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Guarantee that your towing car can pulling your caravan. Examine the producer's book on the maximum weight that is recommended and ensure you remain within this limit. It is an important part of planning a caravan vacation to make sure your towing vehicle is safe, well maintained and well geared up. Most of tourists do not have the luxury of choosing an unique towing vehicle to fit their brand-new van; in many cases it is a matter of discovering a van that will match your existing lorry.

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Car manufactures stipulate a safe towing weight for each car and Australia's nationwide policies are built around these requirements. As a basic guideline, the most appropriate towing automobile is one that is heavier than the caravan it is hauling. This will then allow for the totally filled weight of the caravan that is to be hauled. Little cars and trucks are generally limited to hauling camper-trailers, folding caravans, and small caravans or pop-tops. Larger automobiles can manage caravans and pop-tops at the larger end of the market. In addition to weight, it is essential to consider the general measurements of the system you mean to tow. If your caravan is very high or broad then additional power is required to get rid of wind resistance.

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4x4s have actually ended up being preferred pulling automobiles and are incredibly capable. They are able to tow large vans, and handle the boat and a couple of other items as well. Lots of tourists utilize off-road cars without ever venturing off the primary road. Others travel extensively in the outback, unhitching the van when the terrain gets too rough and either taking a tent or boodle with them, or oversleeping the back of the cars and truck.

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The option between handbook and automated transmission is one of individual choice. In the past, manual transmission was constantly the chosen choice by tourists, however contemporary improvements in automatic transmission has actually implied they perform equally too now. In fact automatic four-wheel drives carry out quite well off-road.

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Ensure that the jack and handle are suited the automobile which the jack is in excellent working order. Make sure that the exact same jack will fit both your lorry and caravan. Before you leave home, make sure you know how to change your tires and where the jacking points are for both your towing lorry and your caravan. Bring a jacking board, about 250 sq. mm, to place underneath the jack when the ground is soft, irregular or damp. A piece of checker-plate aluminium is fine. The wheel brace that matches your car might not necessarily fit the wheel studs on your caravan. Check before leaving house.


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Bring a great extra tyre for your car and one for your caravan. If you prepare to take a trip off the beaten track, you will need two spares for each system. On some camper-trailers, the wheels are interchangeable with those of the towing car. If this is the case, an overall of two spares will be sufficient in a lot of circumstance.


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Fitting towing devices and customizing towing lorries are specialist activities and should just be done by professionals. If asked for, dealers will frequently fit tow bars to new cars. You will have to define that you require one to match the lorry's optimum hauling capability so Tempe towing that you do not end up with something just appropriate for pulling a small home trailer. If you currently have a car, call an expert tow-bar merchant and mechanic; inspect the Yellow Pages under "towing" or discover one via the web.

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All commercially made tow bars in Australia are constructed to a stand and must carry out well. Various makes and models will have various prices and various features. Most lightweight bars appropriate for towing trailers and vans with a gross mass of 1,000 kg or perhaps less. Durable bars, such as those fitted to large 4x4s, have the capability to tow a mass of up to 3,500 kg. Each tow bar has actually a defined optimum trailer mass and an optimum fixed ball weight. The latter, which is the distinction in weight between the caravan on and off the vehicle, need to be around 10 per cent of the total trailer weight. So, if the crammed trailer weight is 1,000 kg, the ball weight need to be around 100 kg. All tow bars are limited to the maximum advised capability of the lorry. To make absolutely sure you are not towing more that you should be, get your caravan weighed fully loaded. Exceeding towing weight limits can result in accidents, fines and non-payment of insurance coverage claims.

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Tow bars are fitted with a choice of pulling hitches. The majority of standard caravans and trailers manage with a 50 mm ball, while off-road designs might need a more complicated off-road drawback. Caravans and trailers should be fitted with safety chains; these should be securely attached to the towing automobile. In 1999 the National Roadway Transportation Commission (NRTC) introduced a set of suggested towing limits, which were embraced by all States and Territories. Up until that point up to 5 different towing limitations used across Australia, which meant a great deal of confusion for caravanners crossing State and Area borders.

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The nationwide guidelines, as laid out by the NRTC, state that the weight of the packed caravan must not exceed the recommended limitation as recommended by the manufacturer of the hauling vehicle, or the mentioned capacity of the pulling apparatus fitted to the automobile. If the manufacturer has not specified limits, which, remarkably, is not that uncommon, the weight of the packed caravan ought to be no more than one and a half times the unloaded weight of the hauling lorry, supplied the caravan is fitted with brakes. The loaded caravan ought to equal the weight of the unloaded cars and truck if the caravan is not fitted with brakes. If you have any trouble developing the parameters of these requirements, look for the recommendations of your dealership or an independent tow-bar manufacturer.

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We have all seen the car and caravan combination with the drawback almost dragging out the roadway. Weight-distribution bars, commonly readily available at caravan accessory shops, can be utilized to preserve a more level profile of the cars and truck and van. These tend to be basic equipment for larger vans, however should actually be thought about for all however the lightest of vans. The concern can also be dealt with by proper loading. If the movable load within the caravan is all jam-packed forward of the axle, this will greatly increase the ball weight. The ball weight is less likely to be negatively impacted if the load is more evenly dispersed throughout the van. Never ever pack a caravan or trailer with more weight behind the axle than forward of the axle. (It is smart to secure products to avoid movement).